Murderfist is a journey to the extreme horizon of your mind-ocean. Winston-Salems, a couple of old chubbies, a horse with a banana in it’s mouth, a man dressed up like a doctor, some Peppercorn schnapps and Monster Mash playing on repeat, Murderfist is going to get loud and get weird and our comedy may just help the pain of being alive. Winner of the 2010 ECNY Award for Best Sketch Comedy Group and named by the Village Voice as the “Best Sketch Comedy Group in New York.” “[MURDERFIST] is the only group that has attempted to bring me back to life!” –Peter Briggard Mayonnaise, inventor of mayonnaise.


The Apiary- Internet Chatting with Murderfist: 12 Hour Show

Village Voice- Best Sketch Comedy Group of 2010

Backstage- Sketchfest NYC 2010, Daniel Lehman

Village Voice- 2010, Matthew Love

Comedy Central Insider- 2010, Gonzalo Cordova

ECNY Best Sketch Comedy Group 2009

One response

  1. Lea McKechnie

    My partner and I are coming to NYC from Scotland in October 2011 for a short break and would love to come to one of your shows. Can you please advise of upcoming shows if known at this time.

    Many thanks

    Lea McKechnie

    August 6, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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