The Comedy of Murderfist

The sketch comedy group Murderfist begins every show like an English soccer riot, the unkempt members of the cast stomping around the stage, bouncing off one another, a blur of beer bottles, beards and bellies.
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Rob Cantrell & Murderfist Save the Earth: A 4/20 Spectacular


April 20, 20158pm @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn
This 4/20 in Brooklyn, NY: Comedian Rob Cantrell and Sketch-Group MURDERFIST have joined forces to save the glorious green earth by cultivating a funkified comedy show full of stand-up, sketch, music, and wild weirdness! The perfect way to celebrate this High Holy Day!
Don’t read the news, man. It’s a sad ass bummer. You gotta be good to YOU. Forget all that nonsense. Brooklyn deserves a positive, open-minded, silly night of kindness, debauchery, chaos, and food trucks. And that’s just what’s going down! So dust off that tie-dye, grab your lucky crystal, and free your mind so your ass can follow!
Rob Cantrell (Colbert Report, Totally Biased, Last Comic Standing) and MURDERFIST (Adult Swim, Comedy Central, NBC) get together to save the earth by celebrating everything that matters: Earth, laughter, sweet, sweet cheeba, and greasy cheeseburgers!  They, along with special guests Nick Vatterott (Comedy Central), Michelle Wolf (Late Night with Seth Meyers), musical guest Unicorn Smack, and more, will bring you an amazing show that will not kill your high.
Get tickets now so you don’t forget, because let’s be honest, you’ll probably forget.
Tickets available for $10 here: Knitting Factory – Brooklyn

The Murderfist Valentine’s Show


No date, Fuck it, we get it.

We got some oopey gooey kisses for y’all. Better bring some dental dam cause this is gonna be one party you’re going to need a mouth poncho for. We gonna fill you all full of sick.

11pm Downstairs at The PIT, where reality becomes your worst problem.

Bring your family.


You cold mother fucker? Well shit, we finna boil up some belly bustin’ nut gunchin’ butt humpin’ night y’all have had since your Daddy gave you into yo mommies.

This is Murderfist and we are here to fuck you.

Downstairs @ The PIT where all the gross people get laid.


The Murderfist Christmas Show

And then an Angel Babe squirted out his hot Mama’s virgin vagine. Thus sending the Earth into 2000 + years of war, torture, hate, lies, and pedophilia. Jesus is the king of Murderfist! Watch us pay tribute to his birth the only way we know how. By screaming foul jokes at the top of our lungs, while The Stooges blare at top volume.

Lets celebrate the beginning of forever, which is about to end.

SATURDAY 11PM Downstairs The Peoples Improv Theater, where all the presents are filled fresh Dooks.




Murderfist delivers on its promise of crude, punked-out chaos. The scenes are visceral and unpolished, full of spurting gore and exposed flesh. If a sex toy appears at the beginning of a scene, by the end, someone will fondle it. It’s comedy that works in a theater, but is most at home in a bar (where the troupe sometimes plays).





Murderfist is jizzin’ in yo brain for the NY Comedy Fest. Cum watch sweet sketch, get drunk, and vomit on the sidewalk.

We love you!!!!!!!!

11PM 123 East 14th St. BAAAAAAAABY




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